AltoPDF Allows Users to Manage their Documents from any Device

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The AltoPDF platform provides a unique possibility to manage all your PDF documents online for free. This means that you no longer need to install a special software on your device or pay for the service. The platform runs on all Internet connected devices independent of any kind of software or operating system. You can now change your files whenever and wherever you need this.

The service provides high-level security for processed and stored files. In addition, supports not only the PDF format but also Word and such image formats as JPG, PNG as well as presentation format – PPT.

Learn more about the benefits the AltoPDF platform provides you with.

Convert your Document Formats

The AltoPDF platform provides users with the AltoConvert feature. You can change the format of your file just with a few clicks.

  1. Push the Choose file button.
  2. Select a document from your disc, email attachment or cloud storage.
  3. Drag and drop it to the box.
  4. Click the Convert icon.
  5. Save the newly created file to your device.

Before you save the document, you may choose the Continue editing option. This feature provides you with a wide range of tools. You may add textual and visual data, links and fillable fields to your document.

With AltoConvert you can change JPG to PDF and reverse, PNG to PDF and reverse, Word to PDF and reverse, PDF to Excel, PPT to PDF and reverse.


Manage your PDFs in a Few Clicks

You can merge, split, rotate, compress your PDF files as well as extract pages from them and password protect PDFs.

  • Merging files means that you can combine several PDFs into a single one. For example, you have two different PDF documents, one with 10 pages of text and the second is just a one page image, and you want to combine these two files into one compact PDF document. All you need is to go to AltoMerge, click the Choose file button, select files, upload them into the server and click the Merge Now icon.
  • When you want to split a PDF ( i.e. to divide one PDF into several separate documents), you have to complete the same steps and click the Split Now button.
  • Same thing concerns the AltoRotate feature. You can rotate your scans or other PDF documents by clicking the Rotate Now button.
  • One of the new features on the AltoPDF platform is AltoCompress. A few clicks provide you with the possibility to reduce the size of your PDF file.
  • You can also extract pages from a document. Upload it, select pages you want to remove and click the Extract Now icon.
  • Add extra protection to your PDFs using the AltoProtect feature. Upload the file, specify a password for it, click Protect File Now and download the document to your disc. Thus, only individuals who know a password can view and manage this PDF.

Note that before downloading newly created documents you can choose the Work on your PDF option. An extensive toolbar allows you to edit your file, add fillable fields, texts, images, video and audio content etc. After that you can instantly forward the file via email, fax or sms.

Use a Reliable Service

The AltoPDF platform is a multifunctional PDF solution that greatly streamlines managing files. This is a user-friendly service, providing you with a simple sequencing and quick result.
Moreover, users can be sure that all uploaded files are highly protected and will be automatically deleted from the server in 24 hours.
With AltoPDF you may manage your PDFs on the go using any device. Use your Internet connected computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. AltoPDF is a cross-platform service that runs on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Forget about time-consuming software installation and using expensive services. Eliminate malwares and data loss. Explore all the features of the advanced service and save your time and money using the AltoPDF online PDF solution.

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