Daily laundry and housekeeping included

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Public or non-public rooms within a clean, nice loving environment. Prescott Assisted Living Homes 24-hour awake consideration by professional staff. Fabulous shaded veranda areas where citizens can enjoy the clean air and watch the various birds which come to our feeders and fowl baths. 3 home cooked properly and well ballanced meals regularly. Snacks often available. Daily laundry and housekeeping included. Daily activities will be encouraged and based on the talents of the person to ensure a prosperous outcome.

Medicine reminders, medicine assistance, medicine monitoring, medicine administration, very safe and protected storage coming from all medications. The Prescott Assisted Living Homes exists 24/7, which is always only a phone call aside. Our skilled staff make an effort to provide the top quality care within an environment in which maintaining pride and esteem are important. It is each of our goal to enhance the quality of personal life for everyone we provide look after.

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