Fuzion Scooter

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Business Name: Fuzion Scooter

Fuzion Scooter is a leader in engineering and manufacturing of top quality wheeled goods. Innovation, Passion, Excitement. “It’s All About The Ride”Designer, Manufacturer, Innovator of Scooters and other wheeled products. It offers young ones a fun and active way to ride around the park or the neighborhood and practice their skills. Now available in three brand new colors and graphics.This is an entry-level to intermediate scooter for the rider who needs a scooter that won’t quit.Custom designed from the ground up by Fuzion with input from the best riders and experts in the industry.The grip tape is awesome, really high quality. The handles are awesome, they are soft, rubbery, and grip really nicely to my hands but if I get sweaty my hands won’t slip. The brake bar on the back is thin yet a super strong metal so overtime it won’t get slack but will still provide great braking. The wheels are durable and smooth riding, the rims are an awesome color. The play in between the board and the handle bars is perfect and will allow for some awesome stunts on our half pipe we have built in our backyard.

Phone number:Phone: +1 510 550 8960
Fax: +1 510 291 2855

contact person: Derek Jones

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website :https://fuzionscooter.com/

Physical address :(including street, city, state, zip code),

106 Linden st, Ste. 201
Oakland CA 94607

Categories: Shopping for Scooters

Business mail (e…mail): cs@nextsport.com

Hours of Operation: 24/7

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