importance of online shopping (e-commerce)

The internet makes doing business much easier and faster. It’s led to changes in the way people do business with a rapidly growing world wide trend towards online shopping or e-commerce.

Online business is becoming a high income generating activity, now taking a significant portion of GDP in many countries. This is making our world a very small village, with distance no longer providing a barrier. In fact, cyberspace is gaining more importance than real world markets, with physical stores often acting only as a shop front and the real income being generated online.

Businesses around the globe are becoming greatly attracted towards this virtual world. There are no limits as to what and where they can reach, the variety of products they can easily offer, the detail and specifications they can provide and the number of prospects and customers they can reach.

Customers and prospects like to visit online stores. They enjoy the convenience, the speed and therefore time-saving, ease of transport (ie delivery), the way they can compare prices and check product reviews, the lack of pressuring by sales people and, of course, the infinite choice. While some people use the internet to research services products, then buy from a physical store, many buy everything they need from online stores.

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