Kandi Burruss Finally Posts Her ‘Speak On It’ New Episode

Another fan said, “I just watched this! Huge misunderstanding, but at the same time, don’t expect Kenya to get up and take you to a place in the middle / at the end of the program while her husband is talking! I’m sure the women at the door told Marlo where to sit. It was not Kenya’s job to do this.

Another follower posted this: “ Nene is a mean hell all girls, but I can say that she really tried to crush the beef between her and Kenya – just my opinion. ”

Someone else posted, “Anyway, Kenya was wrong. The wig is not comparable to the lady with cookies. She deserved a drag from Porsha. Kandi Burruss Finally Posts Her ‘Speak On It’ New Episode On Her YouTube Channel

Another supporter, on the other hand, seems to support Marc Daly: “I support Marc so as not to tolerate the behavior of Kenya; it is not because he is the husband that he should support his bad behavior because two people who get together are supposed to be better people because of their mutual life; if we don’t report when people are down, how do they improve, and I really believe that if Kenya is not ready to change, Marc should move on because he is clearly emotionally mature and deserves someone who is interested in growth and maturation.

One person said, “Yes, I was like a girl from Kenya, stop being so mean…. omg but i believe her feelings could have been missed with her husband being naughty not recognizing his hard work etc.

A follower sprang to Kandi and wrote: “I love Kandi. Kenya is not always wrong in all situations, and you are not afraid to