Naming Your Puppy – Spike, Fluffy, Bob?

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Getting a puppy is really exciting and part of the fun is choosing a name. Though it may not seem like a big deal to name your pup, there are actually several things to consider. You may not realize it, but puppies work very hard to understand us so they can do what we ask them. They want to learn because they want to please us. You want to keep this in mind when picking a name.

If you pick a name that sounds like a command, your pup will become confused. Names that could be confusing include, Bo, Steel, Kit or Ray. A puppy trying to learn his name and learn commands at the same time could hear Go, Heel, Sit or Stay. It is also a good idea not to give your puppy a name that sounds like someone else’s name, for example if there is a Mike or Sally in the household, its best not to name your pup Spike or Tally. It may sound silly, but its just a simple thing that can really make a difference for your puppy.┬áIf you have any kind of concerns concerning where and ways to utilize, you could call us at our web-site.

Short names with one or two syllables are easiest for puppies to learn. You should also think about if you will be comfortable calling your pups name if you’re out in public. Stinky Face or Mr. Smooshy could be embarrassing for you and your poor pooch. No dog could ever live that down! You might want to spend a day or two getting to know your puppy so you can choose a name that suits his or her personality. Some of the most popular dog names are: Maggie, Jake, Max, Buddy, Daisy, Ginger, Bailey, Sadie, and Sam. If you want to name your puppy something more original, consider the origin of the breed, even if it is a mixed breed dog. For instance, if you have a German Shepherd, or Irish Setter, or Poodle, you could look for names that are German, Irish or French.

There is an endless source of names for your pet. You can look to television or movies. You can find names in mythology, like Athena or Zeus. You can name your puppy after a food or drink, like Cookie or Kaluha. Many people choose their puppy name based on the pups appearance, like Red, or Blackie or Snowball. If you spend a little time thinking about it and looking for ideas, you will find the perfect name for your new best friend.

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