Promoting New Hair Growth Through Therapies as Your Home

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Stimulating new hair growth is stereotypically identified with massive investment in medications, supplements, and so forth. However, there are actually natural methods which can help you to promote new hair growth. These natural new hair growth treatments require a commitment of the doer for an optimal result. New hair growth takes time, your body would be adapted to each treatment or therapy, no instant result. The keys are to be persistent and consistent.

The treatments in this article have their own advantages and don’t mean to be a stand-alone method even though they’re separable. In order to promote new hair growth, you ‘ll need to collaborate more than one treatment. Here are the powerful treatments you can do at your home to stimulate new hair growth:


It’s an eligible method to promote new hair growth utilizing mechanical and chemical stimulation. The Mechanical stimulation works like bodybuilding, where the muscle is purposely broken won to create a larger mass. The idea is to create new cells below your scalp so they can improve the blood circulation, elasticity, and the production collagen and elastin which are important for new hair growth. It also works by blocking the DHT hormones utilizing a special solution or simply Minoxidil.

Two main tools of mesotherapy are roller and stamp which help you to “hurt” your own scalp. The stamp is considered to be more effective in doing the job. The involvement of Minoxidil seems to be the crucial part, as it’s a clinically proven substance that can slow down the hair loss and promote new hair growth. Mesotherapy should be taken twice a week for the optimal result.

2.Scalp Massage

Many hair loss cases are driven by the dead follicles since they don’t have any access to blood flow and nutrients. Dead follicles aren’t growing any new hair, even though there are genetic factors which may cause this phenomenon, we can eliminate other possibilities. Scalp massages open that access so the follicular units get everything they need for new hair growth including minerals and oxygen.

The interesting fact is that oxygen can suppress the DHT hormones level which means slowing down the hair loss. The most effective scalp massage involves circulation motion on the scalp and 20-minutes length regular treatment for all years long. With persistence and consistency, you can get new hair growth for real. The studies have shown that scalp messages can contribute to a superb new hair growth within a year.

Today, you can go online and find some rubber scalp massager products. It’s a very low yet beneficial investment, as the rubber scalp massagers are more effective in massaging the scalp and promoting new hair growth. If you’re having some difficulties in massaging your own head scalp, this item is certainly worth to invest.

3.Natural New Hair Growth Essential Oils

Healthy hair follicles are actually the basic condition of the new hair growth on the scalp. They need nutrients and mineral to do the best job, any deficiencies can lead to the hair loss. While you can do nothing to your sensitiveness on DHT hormones, the available treatments tend to suppress or block them. If there are developed medications for this case, how if I tell you that you can use the essential oils that do the similar job?

These include the essential oils and other natural ingredients. There are many essential oils available in the market including  Chamomile, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Cedarwood, Clary sage, Tea tree oil, Rosemary, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, and so forth. However, the rosemary is considered to be the best one as it can perform the similar ability with Finasteride in inhibiting the 5AR enzyme which converts the testosterone into the DHT hormones. The great news is that this is for topical use and no side effects.

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